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: Hey! I'm a science and technology addict. I'm also a Schrödinbug©®™ hunter.

At the beginning I was a child (what a surprise!), and at that time, and since, I was watching SF movies. And one movie made the difference: "Ghostbuster" published in 1984; obviousely at that time I was 5 so I saw a rerun.
What makes the difference wasn't the performance of the actors (sorry guys, you were great) but the fact they used this plasma guns. And all I wanted at that time was to create a copy of these guns.
Ghostbusters Well, this drives me thru school to study electronic science, and electronic drives me to computers. This is how I ended by working day and night coding on my computer.

Ok but even if it looks clear, all people working on electronic components don't switch to mobile apps on iOS and Android.
Let me make this neat, it all has to do with this simple programmable calculator:
TI 92plus

The programing language is "TI Basic" and the code looks something like that:

:"KEY "→Str1
:":: "→Str2
:If Ans:Then

As I remember I nearly passed 2 years programing various things like solvers, transmission systems or games on that calculator. After that "TI Basic" language, I coded in "C", "C++" and "C#" then after the revelation of the iPhone in 2007 I code now in "Swift", "Kotlin" and "Go".

After creating my own business in 2008, after working for diferent kind of companies from the medium size to a big company thru startups like AppGratis and Batch, I've never been more comfortable on building various systems based on divers languages.
I just love technology and specially when applied to specific fields: aerospace, astrophysics and biotechnology.

Among all job I could have, I have the chance to work on area of knowledge economy which is for me part of the future of mankind.

Work Experience

Mobile Expert - Keyrus (2015 - Present)

Working as a mobile technology leader, I'm acting in various tasks like hiring and pre-sales. Enjoying to work with a various environment with people working on data, analytics and management.

Lead Developer Mobile - Batch (2013 - 2015)

I was again the mobile team leader. Working on iOS and Android mobile framework for a powerful plateform. I also discovered engagment technics, hight volume solutions and hybrid technologies.

Lead Developer Mobile - AppGratis (2011 - 2013)

I was the mobile team leader. Working on iOS and Android applications with a great team made of passionnated people.

Co-Funder - Octiplex (2008 - 2011)

Octiplex is a startup Damien Gosset and I founded. This company was specialized in Apple technologies and other kind of innovative solutions.

Software Engineer - Missle Software (2000 - 2011)

Creating CAD software (3D) for Windows in c, c++ and c#. Working in an international environment within a team of 50 developers.